BREAKING: Japan Sends Warships With ‘Surprise’ For U.S. Fleet, Media Stunned

The tensions in the South China Sea are increasing as forces on all sides are preparing for a seemingly inevitable conflict, and it is in times like these that men find out who their real allies are!

The Japanese destroyers are planning on joining forces with the USS Carl Vinson as well as other American naval vessels on their way to North Korea’s Peninsula, which signifies that Japan fully supports the U.S.’s efforts to remove the madman Kim Jong-un.

Although there are no plans to militarily engage with North Korea, the increased presence of warships which surrounds North Korea is intended to dissuade the nation from future nuclear or ballistic missile testing.

On the other hand, President Trump is waiting for China to take the lead in eliminating the problem which is North Korea.

Two tweets were posted by President Trump these last few days which reminded the Chinese president of their last week’s meeting. Trump informed the American public that any trade deals between the two nations (US and China) will be far more favorable for China’s side if they deal with North Korea first.

And China has made their first move by asking businesses to leave North Korea while 150,000 Chinese forces were positioned along the North Korean border. China is the only big supporter and ally of North Korea, meaning that China’s cooperation with the U.S. will eventually force North Korea in an even bigger isolation.

But in case China refuses to act on their behalf, American, Japanese and South Korean troops are prepared to take lead and eliminate the nuclear testing facilities of North Korea.

North Korea has without a doubt been an international sticking point since the year 2006, when they began testing nuclear weapons for the first time, and since then, the rogue nation has been holding China and South Korea hostages with their nuclear missile tests.

Fortunately now, President Trump is courageous enough and willing to take a stand in order to protect America’s biggest allies.

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