JUST IN: George Soros FUNDED SIX Republicans – Here’s Who They Are…

George Soros is known as one of the wealthiest diabolically liberal people in the U.S. That’s why it came as a surprise that the following six Republicans had received tens of thousands of dollars from executives at Soros Fund Management in 2016.

You may notice that the six Republicans also happen to be some of Trump’s biggest critics…

6. Failed presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio was paid $2,700 from Soros Fund Management. Though he’s had a change of heart, the Florida senator was a major critic of Obama’s during the election.

5. Speaker Paul Ryan received $10,800 from Soros Fund Management, the most out of any of these Republicans. An open-borders globalist, Ryan has always been a vocal critic of Trump’s.

4. John McCain was paid $2,500 from Soros Fund Management. The Arizona Senator also received $1,000 payments from Soros Fund Management on at least five different occasions prior to 2016. McCain is one of the most well-known anti-Trump Republicans and he has been on a mission to take him down for months.

3. John Kasich, another failed Presidential candidate, also was paid $2,700 from Soros Fund Management in 2016. This was clearly wishful thinking, as Kasich never had a serious chance of beating Trump.

2. Lindsey Graham was given $2,700 by Soros Fund Management in 2016. The South Carolina senator has been working with McCain to bring Trump down for months.

1. Jeb Bush was paid $2,700 by Soros Fund Management. The former Florida government was a bitter rival of Trump’s during the election, and they have never made peace with each other.

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